YonMonV2 Alpha1


1. Create a Test

First things first, lets start by creating a test, this is what we we can use to check if your server,switch or potato is on or offline. Create your test with a useful name like 1234-SWITCH-CORE or 1234-BACON-COOKER Choose from HTTP,HTTPS,RDP or ICMP and specify your address.

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2. Create a Group

Groups are used to collect your tests into logical units, tests can be members of multiple groups. Groups are what we assign alerts to. Give your group a name like Hogwarts or Greendale and add your test or tests to it.

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3. Create an Alarm

Alarms are what you use to let you know when something is wrong. Alarms can only be assigned to groups not tests directly. Give it a shot, create a alarm specify a name, email, delay *grace period before sending first email* and interval *how often it will send a reminder*.

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